Day 91: Bumps

Good morning everyone ,

I woke up this morning about to leave my house to find that my car had a flat tire .

I had to cancel my appointment with E, and I was frustrated as to why my Monday started this way.

But as I sit here now waiting for AAA, I realize that this flat tire is nothing but a tiny bump in the long glorious road of the day ahead of me .

This flat tire gave me a chance to relax for an hour longer , and even a chance to write this post .

It made me think of my recovery in the same way . Not everyday will be a great day. Not everyday will be smooth.

There have been and will continue to be many bumps along my road to recovery , but the key to drive over these bumps is to try to see the blessings that they will bring me .

For example, I am already nervous that I won’t make it to my training session at the gym today because of this tire . I would be lying if I said that almost didn’t bother me as much as having to cancel with E.

But whatever happens is nothing but a slight bump and I know that I am equip with the proper fuel and strength to power over those bumps .

So what ? I had an off start to my day and I might miss a work out . But I’m getting over the bumps and continuing on my journey .

Hello Monday, hello to powering over the bumps of recovery and hello life .


3 thoughts on “Day 91: Bumps

  1. How wonderful to flow like the ease water does down a stream; just moving around the stones (obstacles) in its way to continue on the journey of the day. I’m so proud of you!
    Keep on keeping on!

  2. These are not bumps , these are tools to use when we get awarded , your day started with a gift of a free hour , it started with a gift not a punishment ,leave space for many more gifts ( bumps)

  3. “This flat tire gave me a chance to relax for an hour longer , and even a chance to write this post .”
    Great outlook on things! Your optimism has rubbed off on me. We need to allow ourselves to move on from these “bumps”, they’re helping us in the long run.
    Hope the rest of your day was just as optimistic and everything with the car worked out all right!

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