Day 84: This Is My Journey

Good morning everyone,

Wow, I am so blown away and uplifted by the beautiful and inspiriing comments from yesterday’s blog post.

Thank you all so much for your unconditional support and love. It is you family members, friends and other followers and supporters whom I’ve never even met, who have become part of my daily support system that carry me through hard days like yesterday.

Going off that, I realized a hard lesson yesterday about my recovery.

My recovery is my very own journey. It is not my families journey, it is not my friend’s journey, and it is not other recovering people’s journey.

No one, not even someone dear to me in my family, like the person who wrote me that email yesterday, has the power to take away my journey from me and to tell me that I am not doing my journey or my recovery the right way.

Am I doing recovery wrong, because I do not agree with someone else on how I should handle it? Hell no.

If anything, I see now, that by staying true to myself, and by choosing the right path of recovery for me, regardless of what others may think, it is actually me choosing to do recovery exactly the perfect way-and that is my way.

If it bothers others to read this blog and see the struggles I face, then don’t read it.

If it bothers people to read this blog, and for whatever reason, think I am wasting their time because I choose to take a different path to recovery than they would like me to , then the answer is simple; don’t read it.

I write this blog daily, as that was my commitment when I started. But just because I write daily, it doesn’t mean that living in recovery from an eating disorder is the only thing that drives my everyday life, because it 100% does not.

I am not an eating disorder, I am not a statistic-I am a human being fighting for a better life for myself-and if it’s too hard for others to be part of my truthful and honest journey, then that cannot be my problem.

All I can do is embrace those who have so openly become my everyday heroes-those supporters-strangers, friends, family, bloggers-who have continued to show unconditional support and give me strength when I need it. This is my journey, but you all, have become a huge part of it.

I look forward to continuing my journey of one year without a scale and and my journey of recovery, with all of you who continue to cheer for me everyday- and thank you, so much, from the deepest part of my heart, for choosing to be being part of my journey.

Today, I take another step into my path of recovery-my path, my way.

Hello to pursuing a better life for myself my way, hello to being the number one fan of my own journey, and hello life.


4 thoughts on “Day 84: This Is My Journey

  1. This is amazing. You are NOT an eating disorder or a statistic. You are a beautiful, unique, and amazing woman with so much to offer to this world! Never lose sight of that!

  2. Dear Shira, today is the most powerful blog entry I read of u, today I felt You!!!! It is this power, belief, strength n commitment for u to use to face not only ED but all it’s costumes n props too!!! I know u will, by yourself, kick out these habits that smear with the smile of ED… Ed is the outcome of and CAN’T live without his workers n followers… Ed’s habits. So u to girl, I know n trust u, go use all u got n b your own master!!! Love u

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  3. Sometimes it’s hard for a people to let their loved one’s go down a path that they think is hard on them, but you are an adult and it IS your path and good for you for sorting it all out and realizing it’s their problem and has nothing to do with you. You are right, They simply should not read it if it is going to upset them. You are in no danger, you are helping yourself with ED with a reputable therapist who also has your best interest at heart and you are safe and free to walk your journey the way you desire! You are one strong cookie! Always have been! Which is why ED doesn’t stand a chance either.

  4. You are fighting and this is your fight to win. Your family, friends, and supporters are rooting for you 100%. We believe in you as you belive in yourself ! Keep being strong , keep fighting ED, you will defeat him and you will delete him . We all have good days and bad days and that’s ok, no fight no matter what it is, is easy. Its hard, it’s tough, it’s tears but in the end it’s worth it. Fight for you life and continue to fight for the life you deserve to live love you. You’re beautiful

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