Day 22: First Day On The Meal Plan

Hello everybody,

In yesterdays post I wrote about how I went and got my first meal plan from my nutritionist. Technically, yesterday was my my first day on the plan, and while this plan is not filled with as much food as I anticipated, there are a few things that I am really uncomfortable with.

The first thing on this plan that I do not like is the changes to the food routine I have been living by for so long. When I was fully immersed in my eating disorder and restricting calories on a daily basis, I would eat an 80 calorie high fiber muffin around 2 p.m everyday and account it for both my breakfast and my lunch.

Last week, I decided to have one of those muffins for breakfast and even add another one for my lunch. This was a huge step for me. To me, the fact that I had added in an entire extra muffin was major, and I felt so proud of myself. Now, on this new meal plan, my go- to fiber muffin is still allowed to be my breakfast, but the second one is now considered a snack during my day, not my lunch.

A snack? What was considered my entire lunch a few days ago is now only a snack? This is what scares me the most. I am now expected to not only eat a dinner made up of grains, proteins and fats,but a lunch like that as well.  In my eating disordered world, my muffin was the perfect lunch; and now, that has to change and it’s a change I am not sure I am ready for.

The second thing I do not like about this plan is the fact that it adds fats. I will not totally lie, because I am the tiniest bit excited to be allowed, or actually to even be told, to eat some kind of yummy fats like sour cream or even salad dressing; but at the same time, I am also terrified.

I also do not like that when I keep my food journal this week, I am not allowed to write down the calories. At least last week, I was able to virtually track my calorie intake with numbers. Even though I can still calculate the numbers in my head (which I am going to try my best not to do,because I know I will not be accepting of it) there is something about not seeing it written down on paper in front of me that makes me feel a loss of control.

I will be truthful and tell you that while I did not eat the proper breakfast or lunch on my meal plan yesterday, partially due to the fact that I was busy with appointments all day and partially due to the fact that my teeth were hurting from a dentist appointment, I did eat dinner the right way.

I literally had to double the amount of protein that I usually eat, and yes, I did go and add that sour cream to it. Even though Ed made me feel guilty for eating so much more than he normally lets me, I will admit that it was one of the best tasting meals I have had in a while; purely from adding something as simple as sour cream. I am not sure if I will be able to do this every night, but I am proud of myself that I did it last night.

I will admit that I loved having the excuse of my teeth hurting yesterday to make it acceptable to only eat my one muffin as both my breakfast and lunch, But I know that game is over today, and I am committed to sticking to this meal plan as much as I can.

There is one good thing that I like with this meal plan and that is that frozen yogurt (one of my favorite foods) is counted as a bread serving and that brings me a little bit of joy.

Just the fact that I am able to pull something positive like being able to eat frozen yogurt out of this not so great situation with the meal plan, gives me a glimmer of hope that I can do this.

Even though it is extremely scary to let go of my control over my food, and put my weight and my health in the hands of my nutritionist, I know that it is the only way to fully progress on this road to recovery.

I am going to start today by making the commitment to myself to try to be open minded while following my meal plan, and to simply just breathe.

One meal at a time, one snack at a time, and one bite at a time, I will re-feed my body and myself into becoming healthy again. Is it scary? Yes. Is it physically and emotionally hard? Yes. Is Ed going to fight back harder than ever before? Yes. But is it worth it to be able to live a life of freedom? Yes,yes, yes.

Today I have to say goodbye to counting calories and goodbye to only eating my “safe foods”-and yes, I might not know how to completely handle all of that right now, but I am thankful that it is only day 22 of my 365 day journey, and I know I have time to figure it all out.

Thank you everyone who is in my corner supporting me through everyday and and through every fight. It is your support that gives me the strength to wake up today and say, “hello life.”


8 thoughts on “Day 22: First Day On The Meal Plan

  1. Shira, let me say that your determination and attitude alone is half the battle! You have an amazing outlook and perspective. And I think the only realistic thing you can do is take one meal at a time. Good job! You cannot, however, use your teeth or being busy ad excuses for not eating properly, and I think you definitely see this too. If you want to shit Ed down, you have to continually give him reasons not to be able to win. It’s great that you can find the smallest things that make you happy and that you can enjoy on this plan. That’s the first step in your recovery. Great job! You will get there! Remember your coping coping skills and and all the support you have surrounding you! Here’s to another day on your journey and road to recovery. Remember to be kind and show yourself self compassion. It really goes a long way. I love kyou. And yay for your frozen yogurt!!!😉

  2. It blows my mind the Improvemt you’ve made ever since you commited yoursel to getting better. I remember being at your apartment pleading with you to eat more than one or two items of food a day. Today I had the honor of reading that you are willing and open to eating healthier and willing to eat meals rather than a piece of food for an entire day. I know for many of us eating meals throgh out the day is a rountied habbit that doesnt even cross our mind but for you it’s a battle, it’s the biggest challenge in life you have to deal with at this point. You are over comming the hardest & most terrifying fear you face everyday and for that I am so proud of you. Keep up the hard and good work ! I am excited to see you treat yourself with love and worthiness because you deserve it, whether that be a frozen yogurt or a salad dressing you deserve to be free of Ed and free to eat, wear, go, and do whatever and anything that you please. Keep up the AMAZING work !!!! I am sooo so so sooo proud of you love you with all my heart ! Hello life ! Hello to freedom ! Hello to courage and hello to a beautiful strong and inspirational sister :))) have a beautiful day xoxo

  3. P.s. just re read your comment about “letting go control over food” and how scary that is for you. I just wanted to emphasize by that “letting go control of your food” you are actually gaining control of your life, it may feel like you are loosing control but in fact you are actually taking control of yourself and the food that you eat! Ed has had all of the control and now for the very first time In a long time you are taking control back ! Just remeber that you are definitely not loosing control even though it may feel like that . Each and every day is a step in growing and gaining that control back :)))) and that’s exactly what you’re doing … Hello to a life of being in control

  4. Shira, its great to see the progress that you are making every day and you are not crawling but leaping. 22 days in and look at your accomplishments. You have not weighed yourself once and are already distinguishing the patterns that are leading you to a successful recovery. I am also very happy to see the way you are coping with the difficult situations which you face. Continue being resilient and enjoy every moment of eating your new foods. One day at a time… you are doing great!

  5. shirale, i just read my daily blog, my favorite part of the day…and why? because i know how hard it is to do what you are doing….how hard it is to stay loyal to yourself and win this battle. remember that winning this one wins you many more!!!! Please remeber that even though you feel like you are loosing control, you are actually winning it back every day a little more. like a new toy, it takes time to learn the game and really like it. it is your own control that was determined to be given up that is now fighting to win again the championship. You are my champ!!! im proud of you shubi!!

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